Monday, April 7, 2008

How about this new and very useable interface?

I have just come across this very user friendly interface for smartphones / pda's via NexTechNews' website, searching in fact for the generic screen size for mobile / handheld devices. Apparently not yet ready for PocketPc (my phone's system) but running really well on Windows Mobile 5 and 6.

The company is PointUI and they are offering free downloads of the software. I really think it makes navigating through content much simpler as those who have an iPhone may also agree.

Then of course, looking at the same site - NexTechNews - there is the AT & T Microsoft Surface. Absolutely amazing - so many applications, including (typical woman here) recipes whilst cooking? The Talking Walls would be amazing using a Microsoft Surface - perhaps in kiosk mode. Excellent - I wonder what the cost will be?

The same but being used in a retail environment, T-Mobile, allowing the customer to discover more about the different phone models, tariffs and accessories, and choose the ones they want on their own. Very neat.

The gadget I am waiting for is the Garmin Nuvifone - a very cool gadget (if cool is still 'cool' of course!!) This is due out in the third quarter and has some very nice touches, including 'Panoramia'. This is where you are able to take a photo of where you are, send it via 'PeerPoint' to your partner / colleague. The GPS position is included allowing your colleague to easily find you. You can continue your conversation whilst getting there, dock the device and it changes to the GPS Navigation, still allowing you to talk, hands free. Sounds very good, I hope it matches up to our expectations and roll on 3rd quarter!

I have just treated myself though, to a new gadget - an EliteGroup UMPC, a tablet PC running Windows XP. The interface on this is very Mac-like, but the system itself is full Windows XP. The 7" screen size makes it a reasonable size for carrying around, and absolutely ideal for writing / researching on those train journeys to London. It plays video, music, slideshows exactly the same as a PC, and has made my Archos AV700 redundant (now on Ebay!). The new gadget has WiFi and Bluetooth, so emails and web browsing will be more enjoyable than my current squinting on the smartphone. All in the name of research, of course!!

Happy Viewing!